Testing a new course

Are you interested in an easy-going, pragmatic opportunity to organise for the inevitability of your death; to help yourself and those you leave behind; to discuss options and choices?

The learning resource is being developed for Humanists UK for local delivery through their celebrant network. It has four units which can be delivered online, in person, over a few weeks or all on one day. The units are:

  • Unit 1: Taking Stock – What has your life been and what is yet to live?
  • Unit 2: Planning for a Rainy Day – What instructions if you lose capacity?
  • Unit 3: Tidying Up – What would happen if you died yesterday?
  • Unit 4: The Grand Finale – What sort of ceremony or endstop?

There are individual activities, group discussions and prompts for you to organise and plan for the future. By the end you will have

  1. reflected on your own mortality in an affirming, practical way
  2. considered legal and advisory documents to deal with any future chronic ill-health or incapacity
  3. considered legal and advisory documents concerning your death
  4. developed instructions for any ceremony or event for you
  5. organised your affairs so you can focus on living rather than dying

Jo Mutlow, Sheffield Funeral celebrant and Pastoral Care Practitioner, has been developing this Tying Up Your Ends learning resource and would appreciate testing it with local Humanists before it is fully produced and circulated.

If you are interested in being part of a local group course, please contact her at Joanna.Mutlow@HumanistCare.org.uk by February 28th with an indication as to how you would like to learn – online or in person, during the day or evenings, over 4 weeks or in one go? Looking for four or more volunteer participants.

The intention is that this is an informal, friendly and pragmatic opportunity to share ideas and choices and get to know each other.