There are lots of ways to volunteer with Humanists UK locally through Sheffield Humanists or nationally. To join Sheffield Humanists, you need to live in Sheffield and be a Humanists UK member*.

You can join here.

Once you’ve joined Humanists UK, contact Raj, Branch Coordinator for Sheffield Humanists – We can then make arrangements for you to formally volunteer. (Until then, you would not be able to represent us.)

Even if you get involved nationally rather than locally, we like to know who in the region is working or volunteering for us. So get in touch!

*There’s no separate membership of Sheffield Humanists as we part of the same organisation as Humanists UK.

There are broadly 3 different ways to volunteer

Sheffield Humanists – External


Having you ever considered contacting your local councillor or MP? If you write to your MP, their office is obliged to respond or better still, did you know you can meet your MP?

Sheffield Humanists can help you with this process and whichever humanist issue you’re passionate about – faith schools, humanist marriage, assisted dying – talking to your MP is powerful way in which you can help.


By ‘dialogue’ we mean engagement between people with different approaches to life to build mutual understanding, identify common ground and, where it makes sense, engage in shared action. Usually, this involves attending events to build links between humanists and religious communities. This is about exploring ideas and beliefs we share whilst also identifying areas where our beliefs differ.

Humanists UK have a dialogue network organised by Jeremy Rodell, our Dialogue Officer. To find out, please contact either Raj, Branch Coordinator (see above) or

Representatives On Regional Organisations

There are a number of local organisations which you can get involved with as a representative of Sheffield Humanists. To get involved with any of the below, get in touch with Raj, Branch Coordinator for Sheffield Humanists –

The Sheffield Equality Partnership – Religion and Belief

We would love to have Humanist representation on Sheffield’s Religion and Belief Partnership (previously Equality Hub). They focus primarily on issues of community cohesion, safety, hate crime, and wellbeing. The Sheffield Equality Partnership is an independent advisory group to the council. Read more here.

South Yorkshire Police Independent Advisory Group

The Independent Advisory Group (IAG) to the police works to ensure that there is a “genuine partnership with our local and diverse communities”. We at Sheffield Humanists would like to have representation on this group.

SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education)

Each local authority in the UK has a SACRE whose primary focus is the local provision of religious education. We currently have a two representatives – Michael Heap (Main) and Deb Harrison (Reserve) but we are always looking for volunteers to help out.

Promoting Humanism

Broadly, this can be done in two ways. Via the media which may involved writing to local papers or appearing on local or regional media. BBC Sheffield are always looking for guests, particularly on their Sunday morning faith and belief show (you can do this in a personal capacity).

Secondly contacting your MP or councillor is a powerful tool in terms of gaining traction over a particular issue. This can either be part of a letter-writing campaign (on issues such as Humanist Marriage in England and Wales or Lords reform) but the best way is to meet your MP. MPs are human beings – it is much harder to ignore somebody when they are sat in front of you. Find out more here.

Sheffield Humanists – Internal

Organising events and meetups takes time and the more people that can help out, the better. If you only have a little time but could do one job regularly. Here are some of the roles you can help with and the level to which you can get involved is either big or small:

  • Finding speakers
  • Venue booking
  • Zoom booking
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Image Design
  • Website

If you’re pushed for time but would like to help out, these are regular but simple tasks that are a great way to do so.


The best resource for volunteering nationally is the Humanists UK website. This just a summary of those opportunities.


You can become a Celebrant (for any or all of weddings, namings and funerals), a Pastoral Carer, or a School Speaker. Find out more about these at ‘Ceremonies’ and ‘Community Services’.


Humanists UK has a number of sections which work within specific areas where Humanism is relevant. These include: Defence Humanists, LGBT Humanists, Humanist Students, Young Humanists, Humanist Teachers, Humanists of Wikipedia, Humanist Heritage, Humanist Councillors, Humanists in Government, Humanist Climate Action.

The three major UK-wide political parties also have humanists groups: Conservative Humanists, Labour Humanists, and Humanist and Secularist Liberal Democrats.